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Dare to Stand Out: This Halloween, Be the Talk of the Town! 🎃

  • Swings with the Wind
  • Spooky & Eye-Catching Design
  • Durable & Easy Assembly
  • Free Shipping
  • Easy Returns
  • 24/7 Support



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So Haunting, It'll Scare Even You... Every Single Time 💀

Neighbor Alert! 🚫 Our ScareMaster doesn't play around. If next door claims sleepless nights or sudden jumps due to extreme spookiness, well... we told you so! Daring decorators only who love a good thrill! 😉

Why ScareMaster Might Just Land You the 'Scariest House of the Year' Award! 🏆👻

Maximum Fright Factor: Dare to Stare? 😱

Crafted for pure terror, ScareMaster isn't for the faint-hearted. Expect jump scares, goosebumps, and perhaps a scream or two.

Set Up in a Snap: Hassle-free Halloween 🛠️

No more hours spent on complicated setups. With ScareMaster, you're moments away from turning your space into a haunted haven.

Metal Tube Prop: Sturdy & Durable 🪡

Gone are the days of flimsy Halloween decorations. With ScareMaster's sturdy metal frame, you're ensured spine-chilling spookiness that withstands even the harshest winds.

Detachable Design: Years of Scares Ahead 🔄

Why buy decorations every year? ScareMaster's easy-to-detach components ensure safe storage, prepping you for many Halloweens to come.

Not Just for Halloween: Multi-purpose Menace 🦅

Beyond October's spook-fest, let ScareMaster guard your porch or yard. Unwanted birds or pesky animals? Not on its watch!

What's Inside the ScareMaster Package? 📦

Costume Set:

  • 1x Clothes
  • 1x Scary Mask
  • 1x Pair of Realistic Gloves

Assembly Adapters:

  • 3x 3-Way Adapters
  • 4x 90° Elbow Adapters
  • 2x 45° Elbow Adapters
  • 4x Straight Adapters

Stent Tubes for Setup:

  • 1x 30cm Tube
  • 4x 25cm Tubes
  • 2x 20cm Tubes
  • 2x 22cm Tubes
  • 5x 34cm Tubes

ScareMaster Quick Setup Guide 👨‍🏫

1. Preparation: Unpack all components. You should have the following items:

  • Clothes, mask, gloves
  • Adapters: 3-way, 90° elbow, 45° elbow, straight
  • Stent tubes of various sizes
2. Start with the Base:
  • Connect two 34cm stent tubes using a straight adapter.
  • Attach 45° elbow adapters to both ends.
  • Connect a 25cm stent tube to each 45° adapter. This forms the base.
3. Vertical Assembly:
  • Connect the 3-way adapter to the top of the base.
  • Attach the 30cm stent tube upwards for the body's core.
4. Horizontal Arms:
  • To the 3-way adapter's sides, attach two 20cm stent tubes for arms.
  • Secure the gloves at the ends of these tubes.
5. Dressing & Mask:
  • Drape the clothes over the main structure.
  • Position and secure the mask at the top of the 30cm stent tube.
6. Final Adjustments:
  • Adjust the posture and ensure all connectors are tight.
  • Place your ScareMaster in your desired location and give it a little nudge to see it move with the wind.
Your ScareMaster is now set to terrify 👹
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Your Questions, Our Answers 🤓

What's the total height of the ScareMaster once assembled?

The ScareMaster, when fully assembled, stands at approximately 102 inches or 8.5 feet tall.

Can it withstand rainy weather?

The ScareMaster is designed to be durable and can handle light to moderate rain. However, for longevity, it's best to shelter it during heavy downpours.

Can the ScareMaster scare away animals like deer or birds from my garden?

Absolutely! While designed for Halloween, its spooky appearance and movement can deter animals from your garden or porch.

How do I store the ScareMaster after Halloween?

The ScareMaster is fully detachable. Once disassembled, it can be stored compactly in its original packaging or another storage box.

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