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Drench Your Days in Delight 💦

🌈 Turn your backyard into a launch pad with RocketSplash! An exciting, water-filled expedition is about to start. Ready for the countdown?

Epic Water-Powered Launches 🚀

RocketSplash converts your garden hose's water pressure into kinetic energy, launching high into the sky before making a satisfying splash.
Perfect for hot summer days, combining the thrill of a rocket launch with refreshing water play.

Stimulate Young Minds 🧠

Every launch is a new opportunity to learn. It's more than just play, it's about understanding the science behind the fun.
It encourages curiosity and exploration, making science entertaining & accessible. Your little ones will become rocket scientists before you know it!

Gardening Assistant 🌳

RocketSplash not only ensures endless hours of play but also doubles as your little helper in the garden!
With its controlled water splash, you can easily hydrate your plants, making backyard maintenance fun and engaging.

Quality Time Guaranteed

RocketSplash is more than a toy, it's an opportunity to bond! Perfect for family outings, picnics, and parties, it ensures quality time together.
Engage in friendly competitions of whose rocket will go highest or make the biggest splash. It's an all-in-one family fun pack!

  • Hook it Up

    Connect the included connector to your garden hose.

  • Secure the Base

    Insert the other end of the connector into the base of the RocketSplash

  • Assemble the Rocket

    Gently position the rocket head on the base.

  • Prepare for Liftoff

    Gradually adjust the water pressure to set the rocket's spray height to your liking.

Your Questions, Our Answers 🤓

How high does the RocketSplash go?

The height of the RocketSplash depends on your water pressure. With typical residential water pressure, it can reach up to 6-8 feet.

Is the RocketSplash safe for my kids to play with?

Yes, the RocketSplash is designed with safety in mind. However, children should always be supervised while playing with it.

Will the RocketSplash work with my hose?

The RocketSplash is designed to work with most standard garden hoses.

Can I use the RocketSplash to water my garden?

Absolutely! The RocketSplash can double as a fun and interactive way to water your garden.

Does the RocketSplash require any batteries or electricity?

No, the RocketSplash only requires a standard water supply. It's eco-friendly and easy to use.

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