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  • Dig Up To 5 x Faster
  • Pain-Free Planting
  • Easy to Use
  • Free Shipping
  • Easy Returns
  • 24/7 Support

Reasons to Love PlanterPro™

🌱 Time & Energy Saver - Plant more bulbs, flowers, and vegetables in less time, with less effort

🌱 No More Pain - Enjoy gardening without causing back or wrist pain, so you can spend more time doing what you love

🌱 Planting Space Saver - The auger's long and narrow shape is perfect for planting in tight spaces, maximizing your planting area

🌱 Multipurpose - Whether you're planting bulbs, mixing soil, or drilling post holes, PlanterPro can do it all!

🌱 Perfect for All Skill Levels - Makes gardening fun and enjoyable whether you're seasoned or just starting out

🌱 Dig Through Any Soil - Effective on various soils, such as rocky soil, clay, hard soil, sand, and more

🌱 Durable & Long-Lasting - Made with heavy-duty steel and a glossy black painted finish, PlanterPro is designed to last

Size Guide

MINI - 1.5x9" (4x22cm)

Perfect for small gardens, window boxes, and indoor plants. It is also ideal for planting small bulbs and seedlings

MAXI - 3x10" (8x25cm)

Perfect for planting flowers, small vegetables, and for mixing fertilizers and compost in raised garden beds

MEGA - 3x18" (8x45cm)

Ideal for planting larger shrubs, trees, and other larger plants in the garden. It can also be used for tilling soil and creating deeper holes for planting

Specs & Info

  • High-Quality Steel
  • Black Oxide Coating
  • Black
  • Universally compatible with any cordless or corded drill with a 3/8-inch or larger chuck



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Say Goodbye to Slow and Painful Planting 👋

Whether you're planting bulbs, flowers, vegetables, or shrubs, PlanterPro helps you dig deeper and faster than ever before.
Our patented spiral design takes on even the toughest soils, making planting a breeze. No more sore hands or aching backs - just happy planting!

Take on Any Soil with Ease 👍

Whether you're working with tough clay, dense dirt, or even rocky terrain, PlanterPro is up to the challenge.
Say goodbye to back-breaking manual labor and hello to a faster, easier, and more efficient planting experience.

Designed to Outlast Your Gardening Goals 🎯

PlanterPro is built to last. It's made of heavy-duty steel and features an upgraded alloy tip for increased durability and performance. The glossy black coating is the cherry on top to make your gardening buddies jealous.

The All-in-One Gardening Solution 🌱

PlanterPro is ideal for :

Planting bulbs, tulips, iris, bedding plants, seedlings, etc.

✅ Aerating the soil to increase soil-to-root contact which helps plants and vegetables grow better.

✅ Removing weeds and roots, cultivating soil

✅ Mixing fertilizer effectively

✅ Drilling fishing holes, fence post holes, umbrella holes, etc. Great for DIY projects.

Multiple Sizes for Every Need

PlanterPro comes in four different sizes to meet the needs of any gardener :

MINI Size - Perfect for small plants and bulbs

MAXI Size - Great for larger plants and vegetables. And for those who want to tackle big jobs

MEGA Size - Perfect for those who want to tackle larger shrubs, trees, and other larger plants in their garden

  • Effortless Planting

  • Pain-free digging

  • Built to Last

  • Beginner Friendly

Questions? We’ve Got You Covered 🤝

What size drill do I need to use with PlanterPro?

PlanterPro is compatible with any standard drill with a 3/8-inch or larger chuck

How deep can I dig with PlanterPro?

With the Mini and Midi sizes, you can dig up to 8.7 inches and 17.7 inches respectively. The Maxi and Mega sizes can dig up to 11.8 inches and 17.7 inches respectively.

Is PlanterPro suitable for all soil types?

Yes, PlanterPro is designed to work effectively in all soil types, including clay, hard-packed, and rocky soils.

How do I clean and maintain my PlanterPro?

PlanterPro can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth after use. To maintain its durability, we recommend storing it in a dry place and applying a light coating of oil to the auger after each use.

Is PlanterPro safe to use?

Yes, when used properly, PlanterPro is safe to use. However, as with any power tool, we recommend using caution and following all safety guidelines and instructions provided.