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Lulu Boards™

Lulu Boards™

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Learning has never been so fun with Lulu Boards™!
Introduce your toddler to a busy board that is super cute and extremely fun to put together. They can play around for hours which enables you to keep them busy while they learn and develop their skills.
This joyful combo of multiple games with rich Montessori content is challenging without being too frustrating. The perfect gift for little ones aged 2 years old and up, kinder students, as well as first graders to keep their little minds active and happy!

Why are Lulu Boards™ the perfect gift for my little Einstein? 🤓


These boards take your kids to school before they actually go to school! Your kids will be able to learn the English alphabet, count numbers, name colors, learn shapes, sort rings, catch fish, and learn a variety of new concepts at home to be school-ready earlier than their peers!


Besides learning the basics such as numbers, shapes, colors, and patterns, Lulu Boards™ develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. They also enhance memory with shapes and color recognition, while encouraging cognitive development, problem-solving, creative, and critical thinking. They are also proven to work great for kids with autism being the perfect toys to improve IQ and stimulate the brain.


Catch the right fish, figure out a math question, shape matching.. all these games help to build close interaction and communication between parents and kids or siblings and improve their social skills.



Lulu Boards™ are made of lightweight and durable beech wood that can withstand falls or any other abuse from your babies. The handheld wood blocks are smooth to the touch and don’t have sharp edges so cuts and abrasions are out of the question. Every piece is covered with non-toxic and odorless paint to make the wood waterproof and saliva resistant. Furthermore, the pieces are big compared to other puzzles so there is no risk of choking.

What will my package include? 📦

JUNIOR - Numbers, Shapes, Rings & Fishing

  • Wooden Play Board x 1
  • Plastic Circles x 55
  • Numbers x 10
  • Wooden Joints x 10
  • Shapes x 10
  • Fishing Stick x 1
  • Magnetic Fishes x 10
  • Mathematical Symbols x 3

EXPLORER - Alphabet, Shapes, Number, Rings & Fishing

  • Wooden Play Board x 1
  • Plastic Circles x 55
  • Numbers x 10
  • Letters x 26
  • Wooden Joints x 10
  • Shapes x 10
  • Fishing Stick x 1
  • Magnetic Fishes x 10
  • Mathematical Symbols x 3

CHAMPION - Vehicles, Animals, Fruits, Numbers, Alphabet, Professions & Fishing

  • Wooden Play Board x 1
  • Professions x 8
  • Numbers x 10
  • Letters x 26
  • Fruits x 12
  • Animals x 13
  • Vehicles x 10
  • Fishing Stick x 1
  • Magnetic Fishes x 4
  • Mathematical Symbols x 3

FAQs 🤔

Q - What is the recommended age for Lulu Boards™?

A - As early as two years and will remain relevant until 10

Q - Do I have to supervise my kids while playing with this, or is it safe enough for them to play by themselves?

A - You don't have to watch your kids unless you are helping them play. The paint is non-toxic, parts have smoothened edges, and are big enough to avoid any choking risks, which makes the toy very safe.

Q - What are the toy dimensions?

A - Junior version:

Explorer version:

Q - Is the toy only about alphabet and number counting?

A - No. The toy comes with a variety of games and activities including number counting, fishing, sorting rings, learning shapes and colors etc.. 



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